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Guide to get started with PinoAPI

House Rules

Please make sure to follow our rules and requirements at all times.

  • Your account should always have a minimum of $500 available.

  • Your account should be upgraded to Unified Trading Account [BYBIT ONLY].

  • Only use your account for PinoAPI: Your trading account/wallet is dedicated to PinoAPI only. This means that you should not use it for any other purpose or service.

  • Don't make any changes to your account while PinoAPI is connected: While you are using PinoAPI, it is important that you do not manually interfere with your account. This includes making any changes to your account, such as withdrawing funds or changing settings.

  • Don't withdraw any funds while PinoAPI is actively running or has been created: If you have an active PinoAPI algorithm or have created one, do not withdraw any funds from your account while it is running. This could cause errors or issues with your algorithm.

  • Pay your invoices on time to avoid getting penalized: If you receive an invoice from us, make sure to pay it on time to avoid any penalties or sanctions. If you have any questions or concerns about your invoice, please contact us as soon as possible.

⚖️pageTerms of Service

Violation of our house rules could result in substantial damage to your account!

Setting up Platform

Step-by-step guides on how to set up your trading platform.

pageSetting up BybitpageSetting up KrakenpageSetting up IB

Setting up PinoAPI

Step-by-step guides on how to set up PinoAPI.

1 - Sign up

Start by signing up to PinoAPI.

1. Go to PinoAPI

2. Register

Fill in all the forms to complete your registration. You can optionally use this link to create a strong password.

All done! please continue to Establishing API connection.

2 - Establishing API connection

Now you are going to connect your trading platform to PinoAPI.

1. Go to the API page

Click this link to go to the API page.

2. Choose your platform

Pick your platform.

3. Fill in all forms

To complete the API setup you have to fill in all forms. Subaccount only applies when you are using a subaccount. (Not required for Bybit and Kraken users).

4. Complete the API connection

After successfully creating the new API connection, the new API will be visible under Active API(s).

All done! please continue to Creating a new Setup.

3 - Creating a new Setup

Now you are going to create a new PinoAPI setup.

1. Go to the Manage page

Click this link to go to the Manage page.

2. Picking the right API

After clicking Create new setup you have to select the API you want PinoAPI to run on.

3. Performing market analysis

Before configuring your new setup, you want to perform a market analysis. By doing market analysis you greatly increase your chance of having a profitable setup. (Click here to learn more about market analysis)

4. Algorithm selection

Select one of the PinoAPI algorithms. Demo users can only access Idle. (Click here to learn more about our algorithms)

5. Direction selection

After having done your market analysis you should pick a trade direction. Long: You expect the market to go up. Short: You expect the market to go down.

6. Risk preset selection

Select a risk preset based on your market analysis and confidence. Demo users can only access the Low preset. (Slots represent the amount of risk you are willing to take, more slots > more risk)

7. Selecting instruments

Select one or more instruments you would like PinoAPI to trade. (The more weight the bigger the exposure will be on that specific instrument)

8. Interpreting the Risk Indication

The Risk indication will help you understand the risk of your new setup. (Zones can be reached if the average of all chosen instruments deviate + or - %)

9. Double check the configuration

Make sure to double check your configuration before confirming your new setup.

10. Confirming your configuration

Ready to complete your new setup? Accept our terms and press Confirm.

All done! please continue to Control your Setup.

4 - Control your Setup

Congratulations! You've successfully created your first PinoAPI setup. Now, let's delve into controlling your setup.

1. Start

To initiate the process, begin by starting one of the selected instruments. You can accomplish this by clicking the dropdown menu and pressing the Start button.

2. Finish and Stop

If your Instrument is running but no longer meets the requirements of your analysis you can either Finish the position, or in case you want to immediately close the position Stop the position. The Finish button lets the algorithm wrap up by having the position run till sold in profit. The Stop button will immediately close the position at market price (It being in profit or loss).

3. Delete or Switch Instruments

If you wish to remove one or more instruments from your setup, you must wait for the instrument(s) to be stopped. Once stopped, proceed to delete the instrument(s) by clicking the Bin button.

To add new instruments to your setup, utilize the Plus button. It's important to note that you can only add instruments within the preset weights established during the initial setup creation.

4. Synchronizing your Setup

If you suspect that PinoAPI is not synchronized correctly or is malfunctioning on your trading platform, you can press the Sync button to ensure that everything is in order and synchronized correctly.

5. Setting a Trade Window

When you want to ensure that an instrument only trades within a specific Trade Window, configure the High and Low values for that instrument. If an order is filled outside of your designated Trade Window, the instrument status will automatically switch to Finishing/Stopped.

6. Something not right?

Something went wrong? No problem! Please submit your problem/error or abnormality here or contact us. By clicking the Clipboard button, you automatically copy the cycle ID of an instrument. This ID can greatly help us in the process of finding your error.

All done! Welcome to PinoAPI, happy trading!

Need help getting started? Make sure to ask our community or contact us.

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