Article on the importance of time.


In general, when we think of time, we think of a never-ending continuation of existence and the events that occur in an irreversible succession from the past. In trading, this is no different. Generally, when you look at the past, there are numerous events where you could have significantly increased your net worth by acting in time. But you didn't, why? Because you simply did not think about time and its important aspects.

If you bought Bitcoin in 2010, your initial investment would have increased by +75074155.55%. This is based on Bitcoin's recent all-time high in 2021.

Tick tock

When you invest, you want to determine a timeframe in which you would like to see results. For example, when you invest in the S&P500 Index, the average yearly return would be +/- 10%. Knowing you will have a 100% increase every +/- 13 years (3-year buffer), you can conclude you need a substantial amount of time to multiply your investment. Please take into consideration the S&P500 Index is one of the biggest indexes in the world, so it can be a very solid and stable investment for those willing to wait years and care little about other opportunities.

Most people look to multiply their investments in a shorter amount of time. For this, they either rebalance their portfolio multiple times each year or they actively trade one or more markets. By being more active and flexible, you also increase the risk of being wrong. After all, investing is mostly about sitting on your hands and hopefully seeing your investments grow, whereas trading is actually taking matters into your own hands by buying and selling (vice versa) for a profit, which is also more likely to decrease your net worth than actually work out, at least for retail investors (80% actually lose money, as you know from the standard broker disclaimer!).

My clock

Most people lose while investing, why? Because they expect time to be on their side, pushing their trades towards a positive outcome each second they expose themselves to the market. However, time does not work from nine to five, time does not sleep an average of seven hours a day. Time is just present; it is always there, neutral, either working in your favor or causing misery for an eternity. Time just IS. It is the investor or trader that has to decide how much time he/she will spend on investing or trading. But once again, it does not necessarily have to impact the outcome. If what you are doing is wrong, no matter how long you take the time, it will always be wrong.

On your side

At PinoAPI, we like to exploit time. We exploit time by being exposed to one or more markets 24/7. This way, we are more than capable of generating returns in a timeframe that fits your lifestyle.

  • Life changing returns in weeks/months Money and risk management are key, exploiting optimal market conditions, R/R and Mars Attack. Your analysis and decision making on a lower timeframe are very important.

  • Passive income in weeks/months Easy, manage your risk in a way where time is your sole enemy. Idle and R/R.

  • Growing wealth in months/years Diversification of instruments combined with risk management. Relax, no stress, self custody and no need to monitor everyday. Idle will be your set and forget system.


Making a living trading is a dream that inspires many. At PinoAPI, we are one of the very few on the internet who took the challenge and developed a system capable of realizing the dream. As long as you know in what timeframe you want to realize your goal, the risks you are willing to take, and have some capital to feed our algorithms, the odds of making it are in your favor!

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