About v1

PinoAPI Version 1


Version 1 is our team's first market-capable trading engine, developed since January 2020. At that time, we deployed "Beerbot 1" for one sole purpose...

Did you know?

Version 1, also known as Beerbot 1, was originally developed to passively generate money while allowing you to enjoy your beer. Each time you finished your beer, you earned a new one.


For some time, we exclusively used Beerbot 1 as our personal algorithm. However, after gaining attention through Binance leaderboard and trading communities, we decided to start our own business called Cryptopse Fund, later renamed End Private. Our success was evident as we generated millions of profits for our clients over an extended period.


Because of regulatory pressure and the discontinuation of Binance in our most popular region, we had to shut down our trading operations and search for a suitable solution.

Hard times

After forming an official managed fund and being forced to switch to FTX due to regulatory pressure, we continued our journey. However, our fortunes quickly changed as market sentiment shifted and the pressure intensified. Although we made some mistakes, we were not prepared for the events that unfolded. The downfall of UST and LUNA hit us hard, and like many others, we lost a significant portion of our funds in the catastrophic event. Our losses were not just due to the downward volatility, but mainly because the exchange frontran our positions and forced us out of the market. We all know what happened next, FTX.

❝The house always wins.❞ ~ Sam Bankman-Fried

Battle tested

As FTX was the main reason that slowed down our business, we are confident that our old system still works today. Although it may not be as fast and efficient as our newer version, it will still perform just fine and work as it did in the old days.


While v2 is significantly superior to v1, it still incorporates some functionalities from v1. Designed with the future in mind, v2 is robust and secure. We anticipate that v2 will support our trading operations for many years to come.

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