Setting up Bybit

Guide to get started with the Bybit platform.

House Rules

Please make sure to follow our rules and requirements at all times.

  • Your account should always have a minimum of $500 available.

  • Your account should be upgraded to Unified Trading Account.

  • Only use your account for PinoAPI: Your trading account/wallet is dedicated to PinoAPI only. This means that you should not use it for any other purpose or service.

  • Don't make any changes to your account while PinoAPI is connected: While you are using PinoAPI, it is important that you do not manually interfere with your account. This includes making any changes to your account, such as withdrawing funds or changing settings.

  • Don't withdraw any funds while PinoAPI is actively running or has been created: If you have an active PinoAPI algorithm or have created one, do not withdraw any funds from your account while it is running. This could cause errors or issues with your algorithm.

  • Pay your invoices on time to avoid getting penalized: If you receive an invoice from us, make sure to pay it on time to avoid any penalties or sanctions. If you have any questions or concerns about your invoice, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Violation of our house rules could result in substantial damage to your account!


When you already have a Bybit account, please proceed to Step 3.

1 - Sign up for Bybit

Start by signing up to Bybit.

1. Go to Bybit

2. Register

After registering, fill in all the forms to complete your profile. It is recommended to create a strong password and enable two-factor authentication (2fa) for added security. Make sure your account is Level 1 verified.

3. Upgrade to Unified Trading Account

Please ensure the completion of your registration by upgrading your account to Unified. You can do this through your profile or by clicking this link.

The upgrade may take up to 15 minutes; please try refreshing your Bybit page occasionally

All done! please continue to Deposit funds.

2 - Deposit funds

To begin trading, deposit funds into your account.

1. Funding

First, go to the Funding page and click the Deposit button.

2. Select the (crypto)currency you want to deposit.

If depositing Euros, choose Deposit EUR. If transferring cryptocurrency from another platform to Bybit, select Deposit Crypto. In this guide, we will be depositing Euros.

3. Select your Deposit Method

To complete the deposit, select your payment method. The fastest way to make a deposit is through iDeal; SEPA deposits could take up to 2 working days to process. After selecting iDeal, follow your bank's instructions to complete the deposit, and then proceed to Step 8.

4. Add bank credentials (SEPA ONLY)

Make sure to fill in all forms correctly.

5. Fill in your Billing Address (SEPA ONLY)

Make sure to fill in all forms correctly.

6. Complete the deposit. (SEPA ONLY)

To complete the deposit you have to transfer your funds to Bybit. Make sure to double check everything with discretion before sending your money to Bybit, as Bybit or PinoAPI will not be responsible for the loss of funds.

7. Wait for the deposit to arrive. (SEPA ONLY)

Deposits usually take between 3-5 working days to arrive into your Bybit account. You can check the Assets page to see if your deposit was successful. Once the deposit is completed your deposit will be visible under Assets Overview.

8. Exchange your FIAT to USDT.

After the deposit has arrived in your Funding account, convert the Euros or other FIAT currency or cryptocurrency into USDT. You can do this either through this link or by navigating to the Funding page and clicking Convert.

9. Transfer your USDT to the right wallet.

Now, let's transfer the USDT from your Funding wallet to your Unified Trading account. This is the account we will connect to PinoAPI.

10. Are we ready?

To verify the previous steps, navigate to your Asset Overview and check if the USDT has been transferred correctly. If you see the USDT in your Unified Trading account, everything is ready to go.

All done! please continue to Create a new API.

Using a Subaccount [OPTIONAL]

When your main account is already in use or when you simply want to isolate your risk using another API, creating a Subaccount is the recommended approach.

1. Subaccount Page.

For this we go to the Subaccount page, where we are going to create Subaccount.

2. Pick the right type.

Make sure to select Standard Subaccount to continue.

Select Unified Trading Account. The username can be anything.

3. Transfer your USDT to your Subaccount.

Transfer USDT from your Main Account to your Subaccount's Unified Trading wallet. When your Main Account is still active, transferring all funds could potentially trigger liquidation and result in unnecessary losses. Be sure to perform the necessary calculations yourself before proceeding.

Make sure you select the right wallet on your Main Account where your USDT is located.

Once the Transfer is complete, the USDT should be visible under Equity.

4. Set the API key.

We are now going to go to the API Management menu of your Subaccount.

To complete your Subaccount go to Create a new API.

3 - Create a new API

The creation of API keys can only be done via PC/Website!

We are now going to create a new API connection.

1. API Page.

For this we go to the API page, where we are going to Create a New Key.

Ensure that you select System-generated API Keys.

2. Connect to Third-Party Applications

Make sure to select Connect to Third-Party-Applications.

3. Select PinoAPI

Type PinoAPI in the dropdown menu, and select.

4. Set the right permissions

To use PinoAPI we require a few permissions. Make sure to use the exact settings as shown below.

5. Save both keys.

After verifying your newly created API keys, you want to copy and save both keys. You need both keys to connect with PinoAPI, after establishing the connection we recommend removing both keys from your device.

All done! Please continue to set up PinoAPI.

Finished setting up Bybit? Continue here

Need help getting started? Make sure to ask our community or contact us.

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